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Passion and possibilities meet in Singapore
October 2018 1164

The core of Passion Made Possible is about building up a tourism destination that is authentic, unique and supportive of local talents and businesses. For our travellers, it’s not just what you can do here, but who you can be when you are here. We invite visitors to deepen, ignite and rediscover their passions through the possibilities in Singapore via seven Passion Tribes.


This is a destination where a little time can go a long way


Over the last five decades, Singapore has built a strong reputation as a global business and tourism hub, recognised for its quality infrastructure, safety, stability, connectedness and accessibility. It has nurtured a society that is safe, stable and welcoming. Singapore’s manageable size and exceptional infrastructure allow visitors to get around with ease and pile numerous experiences into one day. This is a destination where a little time can go a long way.

The tourism landscape has changed drastically. Gone are the days travellers like to go sightseeing and shopping only. Travellers have become more discerning in their travel choices, seeking to immerse themselves in cultures and build deeper connections with destinations. With this new brand, we want to showcase the spirit of Singapore where visitors can make their passion possible.

There are now more reasons for tour operators and consumers to choose Singapore as a destination to visit or opt to spend a longer time on the island discovering different aspects of Singapore to make their passions possible. With the many new Passion Made Possible experiential tours being offered by the local tour operators, there is something for everyone to experience in Singapore. Indulge in our array of food, culture, traditions, arts, shopping, sports, entertainment and many more. Singapore is a value-for-money destination where you can enjoy the various experiences based on your individual budget.


* Abdul Rahman Mohideen is Singapore Tourism Board’s area director for Middle East and Africa  


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