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Rail Europe shares travel wisdom
August 2018 654

Rail Europe is the world’s No. 1 distributor of rail tickets and passes, offering travellers the widest and best selection of European rail products across no less than 30 countries and 25,000 destinations on more than 11,000 different routes. Its portfolio of products includes point-to-point tickets, country passes for each country, two-country passes, Eurail Select Passes for any four adjoining countries, Eurail Global Passes for travel around the continent and much more.

The GCC is one of Rail Europe's top selling markets for rail tickets. Some of the most popular rail passes include the Eurostar and services between Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.


1. No check-in queues, meaning you can rock up 10 minutes before the train departs (unless it's the Eurostar, which requires a little bit more time).
2. City centre to city centre connections - no expensive cab charges and traffic.
3. Comfortable and spacious seats in all classes plus lots of legroom.
4. Power points for charging electronic devices - tablet, laptop, camera or phone.
5. No baggage limit, meaning great for shopping, though it’s not advisable to bring on too much or more than you can carry to ensure a comfortable journey for all.
6. Exposed to Europe's stunning scenery throughout the journey.
7. Go wherever, whenever - a lot of flexibility with Passes.
8. High-speed services often trump flying or driving (no traffic, no queues plus all of the other benefits listed here).
9. Cost efficient - tickets are cheap, especially when bought in advance - up to 70% off the regular price, bookable up to 120 days in advance.
10. Family friendly – certain trains have kid friendly carriages. In Switzerland, children under 16yo travel for free when accompanied by an adult and on the Eurail Pass, children under 11yo travel for free with a guardian.
11. Environmentally friendly – a lot less carbon emission than air travel or driving.
12. Great way to meet locals – Europe has an extremely efficient rail system used by most locals.
13. Good onboard dining services across all classes of travel (trolley and bar/restaurant carriage).
14. A wide range of discounts and bonuses come along with the passes.


1. Book in advance and save up to 70 per cent (You can book up to 11 months for Eurail passes and three months for seat reservations).
2. Look out for constant deals on the website. Up to five free travel days on the Eurail Pass are usually released in February each year and 20 per cent discounts are offered around November.
3. Have a clear plan so you can determine if point-to-point tickets or a rail pass would best suit your trip – knowing this may mean large savings.


1. Day trips – Passes such as the Eurail ones allow you unlimited travel each “day” on the pass within the 24 hours from midnight to midnight. So when planning your trip, look for accommodation near places you’d like to visit so travel time is kept to a minimum. You might be able to pack in two or three small towns!
2. SaverPass – If you’re travelling with a group of up to five people and you’re all on the same itinerary (making the same stops), then you qualify for a SaverPass, which is a discounted Eurail Pass.
3. Discounts & bonuses - Don’t forget the travel bonuses and discounts on buses, ferries and private railways, hotels, and sightseeing tours that come with the Pass. These are updated each year so be sure to check the pass.
4. Free travel for kids – Up to two children from the ages of 4-11 years travel for free with their parents travelling with the Eurail Pass. In Switzerland, children under 16 years old travel for free with a guardian using the Swiss Travel Pass.
5. One pass for all – The Swiss Travel Pass gives the holder unlimited access to all Swiss public transportation including buses, train sand boats; allows up to 50 per cent discount off mountain railways and cable ways; and grants free access to 490+ museums around the country.
6. Off peak and shoulder seasons – Travelling during the quieter months will also help you save some money in general, while you enjoy even more of the luxury of space on the trains.

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