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Sabre reveals travel tech trends
October 2017 3686

Innovations that are shaping trends, customer insights and future tech were the flavour of the day at Sabre’s TTX Middle East event. The industry’s progressive and forward-thinking organisations and professionals were in attendance to share their thoughts on the leading trends, and discus the most important developments taking place in the customer experience and innovation space.

The Middle East travel fraternity will benefit from more of these gatherings that serve not just to inform educate but also to rally around the next wave of technology and trends that will shape the future of travel.

Among the highlights of the event were a presentation by Sabre’s Antonelle Vecchio, vice president, Western Europe & Online, on the blurring lines between the online and the offline world and the opportunities in digital travel. Insights from Emirates‘ Aya Sadder on the behaviours and expectations of the millennial traveller and why the industry should care about this target group. 

Mark McSpadden, Sabre’s vice-president, Emerging Products & Technologies, shared some great insights from Sabre Labs, the company’s cutting-edge research division, showcasing emerging technologies that are set to reshape travel and many other industries – from blockchain to neural interfaces to space tourism. Sabre Labs are focused on developing pilots to better understand customer needs, product feasibility and financial viability. Roshan Mendis, newly appointed senior vice president EMEA & APAC at Sabre spoke on the macro trends and dynamics affecting the industry.

The future of travel is shaped by numerous factors – advances in technology, increasing online and mobile penetration, a changing payment landscape, and evolving consumer expectations like greater demand for personalised products and services, to name just a few. With emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, voice or augmented reality the way we experience travel is set to change even more dramatically in the years to come.

Sabre is best placed to explore and help shape the travel of the future. “The next generation will see a radical transformation of how we live, work and play,” says McSpadden. “We see tremendous opportunities for businesses to start experimenting with and implementing technologies like blockchain, augmented reality and trusted presence to help shape a more seamless, safe and personalised future for travel.”   


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