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Five apps for those on vacation
July 2017 6143

It's that time of year, when everyone wants to escape the heat and head out for an adventure, but it’s also that time when you worry about getting ready for the trip. Here are five cool apps to help in planning and scheduling a perfect holiday:

AirWayBill –  Choose (or buy) and carry items with you on your flight and get paid for it. All it takes is for you to download the app, secure some space in your baggage! If you’re planning on flying somewhere but running a bit low on cash, check out their packing tips and make sure you use the free space that will turn up to earn some extra cash. 

ServiceMarket – Who doesn’t need scheduled maintenance, deep cleaning while away, and other similar services, this app is the gift that keeps giving.

Washmen – Getting your laundry done and ready before you go on vacation, or even during, with the app’s “leave at door” option, makes laundry a breeze.

Careem – Use the “Ride Later” feature and have a driver pick and drop you off at the airport at the scheduled time (or even be waiting for you once you’ve landed!) #LikeaBoss.

 Your banking app – While you may be somewhere with a different time zone or language, you can still have access to your bank! Just make sure your app is up to date, and bank while you’re away.

Finally, don’t forget to unplug, vacations are after all, a time away from every day and what good will it do if you run the same screen time in a beautiful location, balance is the key.   


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