Taiwan invites Gulf Mice business

Taroko Gorge … one of many natural splendours in Taiwan

Due to a rise in demand, Taiwan has gradually been increasing meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (Mice) venues that meet international standards. These facilities add to the already popular TWTC Hall 1, Taipei Nankang Exhibition Hall 1, and TICC in the north, with the southern Kaohsiung Exhibition Center.

Foundations for Taiwan’s Mice industry have now been established from north to south. To provide even more exhibition space, the Nankang Exhibition Hall 2 is currently under construction. After its completion this year, combined with Hall 1 a total of 5,000 standard booths will be available in the Nankang area. In addition, more Mice venues are being planned such as the Taichung Convention and Exhibition Center, and the Taoyuan Aerotropolis International Convention and Exhibition Center, leading Taiwan's Mice industry into a new era.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Taiwan has expanded its e-visa programme and included nationals from six Gulf Cooperation Council countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Taiwan is globally renowned for its highly-developed 3C industry. Needless to say, the integration of social media and technologies such as APPs, QR-Codes, Facebook, RFID, and free-of-charge wi-fi have been applied to Mice activities, offering advanced, convenient, and real-time services to visitors. Aside from those hardware advantages, international business travellers to Taiwan will also be highly impressed by Taiwanese people’s hospitality, superior efficiency, and professional services.

Taiwan is known for its towering mountains and thus seen to be heavily dotted with mountainous peaks that rise well above 3,000 metres. On the other hand, the beautiful coastal landscapes are also a part of Taiwan’s greatest assets. Taiwan is a breath-taking island, with green mountains with rich flora and fauna, sea, natural hot springs and a lake surrounded by forests. It is home to 9 national parks and 13 national scenic areas.

Taiwan has two certification boards; the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THID) and the Chinese Muslim Association. There are two kinds of certification, “Halal restaurants” for those owned by Muslims, and “Muslim friendly restaurants” for Halal outlets owned by non-Muslims. Since both these certificates confirm the halal status of the restaurant, Muslim tourists looking for a restaurant to dine at could now look for the logos displayed at these outlets before dining. The halal logos displayed at the restaurants and the helpful information found online regarding these outlets make it easier to plan a trip to the island nation.

One can roam around in the night markets of Taiwan, which are open till 4am and can enjoy the local food of Taiwan and pocket friendly shopping. The famous night markets of Taiwan are Shilin Night Market, the largest night market in Taipei and Keelung Miaokou Night Market.

The enormous variety of typical Taiwanese snacks is unique in the world and most perfectly illustrates the important place that the food culture takes into the lives of the Taiwanese people. Famous and unique Taiwanese snacks range from oyster omelets to fried rice noodles, tempura, Tainan Danzai noodles, Taiwanese spring rolls and rice tube pudding. Food is cheap and delicious, and by no means inferior, while each specialty gives you an insight in the people of the area it originates from.

Ranked among the world's top 15 hot spring destinations, Taiwan has a great variety of springs, including hot springs, cold springs, mud springs and seabed hot springs amidst mesmerising scenic areas.

The launch of the Taiwan High Speed Rail in 2007 has made inter-city travel between the northern capital of Taipei and the southern city of Kaohsiung more comfortable.

According to the UFI report on The Trade Fair Industry in Asia, there are five UFI-sanctioned exhibition halls in Taiwan. 89 exhibitions were recorded, and Taiwan ranked 6th in Asia for total exhibition space sold (716,250 square meters). The Kaohsiung Exhibition Center was opened in 2014 with around 1,100 booths available. The ocean-side Center has enabled the growth of three major international trade shows to their largest size ever, namely Fastener Taiwan 2014, Taiwan Int’l Boat Show, and Kaohsiung Food Show. The opening of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center significantly benefits Taiwan.