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UAE travellers willing to spend more
May 2017 4107

New research from global travel technology company Sabre Corporation has found that travellers from the UAE are willing to spend an average of $107 on extras to personalise their trips. The study, which surveyed business and leisure travellers from the UAE in order to learn about their latest behaviours, motivations and expectations, also found that almost 50 per cent of travellers are more likely to be loyal to an airline or a hotel if they receive a personalised service. 

Representing a significant retail opportunity for the travel industry, 29 per cent said they would pay more than $136 on air ancillaries, while 25 per cent would spend at least this amount on extras at their hotels. And this willingness to spend on extras is considerably higher in the UAE than in many other regions; earlier research conducted by Sabre found that the global average figure travellers would be willing to spend on extras was $98 and just $85 in Europe. 

The research found that a desire for personalisation is not linked to any particular demographic of traveller. Forty-five per cent of millennials would demonstrate loyalty to their airline or hotel in return for a tailored service, compared with 60 per cent of generation X. Furthermore, 30 per cent of millennials would be willing to share their location and basic personal details in return for offers that are customised towards their individual needs, compared with 27 per cent of generation X. 

The survey also suggested that travellers are expecting the same level of personalisation in their business trips as they do during leisure travel. Driven by millennial and generation X travellers, 64 per cent of respondents would consider extending a business trip for leisure purposes.  


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