Ferry service expands

A Jalboot vessel near the Abu Dhabi Corniche

The Jalboot ferry service, which is Abu Dhabi’s only private passenger water transport service for the city and its immediate surroundings, has embarked on expanding its reseller network.

Jalboot is set to launch two routes per day with a full, daily scheduled service in Q1 2016. Currently Jalboot has four destination stops which are Etihad Towers, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Yas Marina and Abu Dhabi Mall, says Tom Rebollini, head of finance, sales and marketing, Jalboot Marine Network.

'We will be introducing local routes soon. Our ferries offer a fast, safe, reliable, comfortable, affordable and alternative mode of transportation,' he says.

Rebollini believes the service will appeal to those who prefer not to use the roads during peak traffic hours, who want to take in the sights from the waterfront and, of course, the many tourists now coming to the emirate.

'It’s the ultimate way to enjoy panoramic views of the city, and helps avoid the chaos and frustration of road traffic,' he says.


'The UAE’s history is deeply associated with the maritime industry, which will always be of great importance to all emirates including Abu Dhabi. We envisioned providing a different and exciting alternative to getting around Abu Dhabi’s spectacular coastal area in a service unique in the emirate.'

'We also work closely with Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), Department of Transport and other Government departments, as well as preferred local operators to provide a memorable tourism experience.'

On the importance of sea transport in Abu Dhabi, he says the coastal area of Abu Dhabi emirate is an archipelago of islands. While some of these islands are connected by bridges and are accessible by road, or by car and passenger ferries in the Western region, this alternative to peak-hour traffic and opportunity to experience the UAE capital and its immediate surrounds from the sea, gives residents and tourists alike an affordable, safe, comfortable, reliable and memorable travel and sightseeing option.

Passengers will be able to view the city and its skyline from the comfort of Jalboot ferries, which link all the major tourist attractions and landmarks in the capital and nearby mainland and islands have to offer, he adds.