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Saudi Arabia

Aljeric grows its online presence
October 2012 3778

THE travel and tourism sector in Saudi Arabia has been one of the most active users of the internet as a strategic marketing tool to drive business growth, taking advantage of the increasing number of internet users in the Kingdom that has now reached more than 9.8 million. Recent statistics have shown that internet penetration in the Kingdom has now reached 38 per cent, with 54 per cent of the online population reported to be very active internet users compared to just 43 per cent and 42 per cent in the UK and USA, respectively.

Accordingly, several corporations, government institutions as well as small and medium enterprises in Saudi Arabia are also increasingly integrating online and social media tools in their marketing strategies. Developing interactive corporate websites, in particular, remains an effective way of engaging target audiences online as websites serve as an easily accessible and versatile platform to disseminate information, introduce new products and services and maintain an open communication line with the public.

Mahmoud Mokhtar, chief operating officer of Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Investment Co. (Aljeric) said: “Demonstrating the power of online marketing, we have received very positive feedback following the recent launch of a user-friendly portal for Aljeric’s hospitality brand, Anjum Hotels. As our flagship hotel, Anjum Hotel is preparing to open in Makkah, the portal offers an exclusive glimpse into the key amenities and facilities of Anjum Hotel, including the different rooms and suites, dining facilities, the Azad floors, special services, the Manasek Desk as well as the Kids World.”

“The newly launched portal of Anjum Hotels also serves as a handy tool to provide information about new construction milestones of the Jabal Al Kaaba project as a whole and the latest corporate news from Aljeric. It will also feature job vacancies and allow users to submit job applications, complementing our recruitment program and allowing us to reach out to more potential candidates within Saudi Arabia and across the region. With the growing number of internet users in the country, there is certainly a much greater incentive for key players in the travel and tourism industry to invest in internet marketing as a tool to drive growth,” added Mokhtar.

“The portal will soon provide a virtual tour of ‘Anjum Hotel’ and an online reservation facility closer to the opening date,” concluded Mokhtar.

Aljeric is developing the Jabal Al Kaaba project in the Holy city of Makkah, adding almost 8,000 hotel rooms and suites in a cluster of hotels under the newly launched Saudi brand, Anjum Hotels.  The project’s flagship hotel, Anjum Hotel, is expected to open in Q2, 2013 with 1,795 hotel rooms and suites, overlooking the Holy Haram.

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