Amadeus’ CSR initiatives cover the world

AMADEUS, the leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, published its corporate responsibility report (CSR) highlighting the company’s performance on CSR issues across the Amadeus Group in 195 countries over the past year.

The company’s commitment to sustained investment in innovation and the value placed on Amadeus’ staff is reflected in this extensive document, as is Amadeus’ strategy to promote projects that make a real contribution to communities and to the environment.

The report also highlights Amadeus’ activities with 165 projects in 45 countries. Areas covered include education (language and tourism skills training, PC donations, expansion of the Amadeus Tourism Observatory), technology transfer to support business development in the tourism industry (by helping small, emerging entrepreneurs adopt professional processes in their businesses, broadening their commercial reach), local community initiatives and crisis relief. 

Some of the company’s corporate responsibility efforts in the past year include:

Amadeus around the world is supported by a team that includes 123 different nationalities.

Employees received 155,057 hours of classroom training in 2011, with €6.3 million  ($7.8 million) invested in training.

Amadeus processes an average of one million + bookings per day. 463 million bookings were processed and 439 million passengers were boarded in 2011.

R&D (research and development) investment since 2004 totals more than €2billion ($2.5 billion)  and was €344 million ($432 million) in 2011. The 2011 European Union Industrial Research and Development Investment Scorecard highlighted Amadeus as one of the leading companies in Europe for investment in R&D.

There are 16 R&D centres and more than 4,000 people enhancing the company’s value proposition for customers worldwide.

There are corporate responsibility initiatives in 45 countries (nearly twice as many as in 2009).

 There are close to 800 Amadeus corporate volunteers (four times as many as in the previous year).

More than 17,470 working hours were granted by Amadeus volunteers to support community initiatives.

A network of 90 Amadeus corporate responsibility specialists leads local, regional and global projects worldwide.

On environmental matters, Amadeus continued its commitment to optimise operational performance and improved the energy efficiency per transaction processed by eight per cent. In addition, electricity consumption per employee was reduced for the second consecutive year.

Despite increased business operations, Amadeus reduced its overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than five per cent in 2011, due both to improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy in the company’s largest sites.

“At Amadeus we believe our expertise in the travel industry combined with our staff’s motivation to make a difference provides a perfect platform to improve our environmental performance and support the communities in which we operate,” says Tomás López Fernebrand, senior vice president, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. “This is a mission where every effort is needed and welcomed. We are committed to further promote and facilitate this kind of initiative.”