Cristal leads hospitality sector’s ‘green’ advocacy

Williams…green crusade

CRISTAL Hotel Abu Dhabi, the local arm of Cristal Hotels and Resorts, has the distinction of being the first hotel in the emirate to recycle six products, namely paper, plastics, aluminium cans, glass, Tetra Pak packaging, cartridges and toners.

Since its opening in 2009, Cristal Hotel Abu Dhabi has made major investments into recycling programmes and owns the largest recycling cages among Abu Dhabi’s hotels. Over the past two years it has been actively involved in the ‘Clean Up UAE’ campaign organised annually by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and was the newest hotel to participate in ‘World Green Tourism,’ an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority aimed at promoting Abu Dhabi as an eco-friendly destination.

“The hotel industry is often considered as one of the most waste-producing businesses in the world. We aim to change that perception here in Abu Dhabi by adopting sustainable strategies to complement our local growth,” said Immanuel Williams, the group’s manager - total quality management.

Cristal Hotel Abu Dhabi has adopted various approaches to reduce its energy use and lessen its carbon footprint.

It was the first local hotel to switch to compact fluorescent lamps for its guest rooms. It also turns off heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment when not required, adjusts chilled water temperature for air conditioning according to atmospheric temperature and regulates domestic water temperature to reduce compressor load. As a result, the hotel’s energy consumption increased by only nine per cent between 2009 and 2010 despite a 26 per cent increase in occupancy for the same period.

Cristal Hotels and Resorts is also preparing to open Cristal Salam Hotel, its second property in the UAE in the next few months.