Millennium adopts green culture guidelines

AT THE start of a new year, the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi has vowed to take an even greener path in 2011.

General manager Moine Kandil says: “We started the year afresh without all the bad habits, with stricter new green guidelines in all our operations. Investing in renovations to make the hotel more sustainable will increase its value, slash operating costs and attract guests who are trending towards more sustainable hospitality experiences. And because hospitality is a pillar in Abu Dhabi’s economy we, as hotels, tend to consume massive amounts of water and electricity, therefore, there must be big attempts to save both.”

Green is part of the culture of the 325-room Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi, where everyone is responsible for making the necessary changes to boost the hotel’s green credentials and foster the growth of the green culture in the capital. The Millennium Hotel started the green move years ago managing to create itself as a successful model for the region, in line with Abu Dhabi’s mission of moving towards making the environment clean.

“We all need to work together to encourage the promotion of Abu Dhabi as a destination fuelling further growth in the future. With this environmental movement, we are beginning to see a broadening of enthusiasm with high hopes for further growth and we are taking leaps and bounds to adopt, develop and implement schemes that seek to address the challenges posed by rapid expansions and create a society that is more environmentally aware,” said Kandil. “We are expanding the notion of luxury to include something else important for a healthier world and the Millennium Abu Dhabi attracts travellers for whom green policies influence their choice of hotel. Although most guests may not make decisions about where to stay based on the hotel’s green practices, they do appreciate it once they are here and consequently, keep on coming back.”

Located on Khalifa street, the vibrant centre of Abu Dhabi, the Millennium Hotel has made a genuine commitment to environmental conservation and is heading towards this movement by paying attention to socially-responsible practices where green is no more an exception but an expectation.

“It is important to start living the reality of the situation and not just think that time will make things correct themselves,” Kandil concluded.